Leslie PetersHi everyone –

My name is Leslie Peters, and I’m the head coach for Team 1666, Renegade Robotics (I’m also the mom of 2 of our team members). I’ve been working with VEX teams for only about a year, and in that time I’ve had to learn a lot, really fast. So I thought I would start my own blog to share coaching tips with other newbies out there.

My first tip, with the new game to be released in about 2 weeks, is to watch the video submitted by Team 472A for the REC Foundation’s 2015 Online Challenge in the STEM Educational Video category. The video is titled, “Vex Robotics Guide on Effective Game Analysis,” and it is a thorough and systematic way of reading the rules of the new game to get your team off on the right foot.

Also, if your team is interested in pursuing the Design Award in the coming season, be sure to check out the VEX official scoring rubric for the award, as there are numerous items that must be at the beginning of your journal in order to score points in that category. If they are not in the beginning of your notebook (reflecting the fact that you thought about them at the beginning of the design & build process), they don’t count. On our team, we refer to our engineering notebook as our “journal” because it is something that we write in at the end of every meeting as an account of what we did. It doesn’t just include the “end of the story”, but rather is a tale of how you got there.