New coaches — one thing that you may not realize with a quick reading of the rules manual is that these rules are not yet final! Yes, tucked away on page 11, <G18> says:

All rules in this manual are subject to changes, and not considered official until August 17th, 2016. We do not expect any major changes to take place, however we do reserve the right to make game changes until August 17th, 2016. There will also be scheduled manual updates on June 15th, 2016 and April 3rd, 2017

So, as a coach you need to be on your toes and check the REC website and the VEX Forum on June 15 to see what modifications to the rules, if any, have been made in the scheduled update, and then again on August 17 to make sure that nothing has changed.

Last year in Nothing But Net, the original rules indicated that the drive team could either place the driver-loaded balls gently on the robot, or drop the balls onto the field without breaking the plane of the field — a rule that would be extremely difficult to put into practice! The June update changed that rule so that drive team members could reach over the barrier to place balls on the starting tile or into the robot. But unless you check the website for the rules update in June and August, you may miss critical new rules!