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Extension Wires & Motor Controllers

Motor controllers need to be plugged in close to the cortex, and 2-wire extensions should be used to reach motors far away. You can use 3-wire extension cables in place of 2-wire extensions if needed.

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VEX Sensors: Introduction

VEX has a large number of sensors, and the wide array can be mystifying for novice teams. This series will explain each sensor in turn, and hopefully help coaches with purchasing decisions.

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Labeling Motors & Wires – Time Well Spent

Here are some easy-to-implement tips from our team on labeling VEX motors and wires to save your team some time.

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Wiring Basics, Part 3

I strongly recommend labeling all of your motors and your motor controllers and other wiring systems so that you can quickly troubleshoot problems. It will also save you a lot of time when you have to unplug motors or wires in your design iteration, so that you can get things back together quickly and correctly.

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Wiring Basics, Part 2

Plugging the motor into the motor controller — connecting red-to-red or red-to-black do different things. Find out how that works and what it can accomplish. Also learn about how 3-wire cables must be connected.

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Wiring Basics, Part 1

First things first, the best VEX product ever: the extension cable retaining clip!

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