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(Non-VEX) Resources for VEX Parts

Most things in VEX robotics need to be purchased from VEX directly or through one of their resellers; many products used in VEX are custom/only-to-be-found at VEX On High. However, there *are* some items—identical to VEX parts—that can be purchased elsewhere, and are thus legal to use on a competition robot. Here’s a listing of those cheaper sources, organized by type of part, with links.

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Items to Splurge On, If You Have the Funds

I thought I’d tell everyone about a few larger-ticket items that our team has purchased, that we are very happy to have spent the money on. If you miraculously find your team with excess funds, you might want to splurge on one of these. SunLabz Battery Charger for Joystick AAAs Can’t say enough how much […]

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Recommended Tools for the New Team (and the Old Team Too)

Thanks to the coach of Team 3547: Virus for offering us this list of must-have tools for the lab, beyond the list of wrenches in the VEX catalog. I learned a few new things today that will go on our next shopping list!

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