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Filtering Sensor Data

My team recently encountered an unfortunate aspect of sensor data: “noise”. In order to make use of sensors for precision movements, such as driving straight, one needs a way to identify and filter out the junk. Here’s a step-by-step description of our median filtering process.

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PID Resources (Updated)

There is much information on the VEX Forum and various websites concerning PID, and most of them do a better job of explaining how it works and how to implement it than I could hope to achieve. Here’s a post with links to the resources I found useful.

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Initialize (easyC) &
Pre-Autonomous (RobotC)

The Pre-autonomous / Initialize part of your competition template can be used for handy stuff, including sensor calibration and autonomous code selection.

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The RobotC Datalog

RobotC’s datalog functionality allows you to see your program’s numerical data in complete detail, captured as your program is running. You can scroll through every iteration of a function and see the value of variables at each step. Plus one-click download to CSV and one-click customizable graphs. I love it.

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RobotC Tasks: The Basics

RobotC tasks are a powerful tool that allow you to write code that can run simultaneously (sort of faux-multitasking, since the cortex cannot actually do two things at once). This is pretty high on the list of why we switched to RobotC from easyC; if your robot can handle several movement instructions at once, you can do a lot more, for example, in those 15 seconds of autonomous.

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Ternary ? Operator : RobotC

The ternary statement in RobotC is a way of writing an if-else statement all in one line, comprised of a (condition check), (what to do if true), and (what to do if false). Read on for some samples and explanation. While no one *needs* to write code this way, *everyone* should be able to read it to take advantage of code snippets available online.

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New Programming Concepts for Us

Here are a few new (to us) programming concepts, courtesy of George Gillard. Read on for breaking in auton, slowing down as you approach a target, and an elegant button coding scheme.

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RobotC: Free online class over winter break!

Sign up for a free online class during 2017 December school vacation. Read this post for complete details about what is covered and how to enroll. Geared toward the newbie.

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Set Motor Power Just Once

Here’s a simple programming concept that was new for me this year, which grew out of moving to RobotC. However, this method can be used in (and recommended for) any language; examples are given here for RobotC and easyC.

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RobotC: Programming a Chassis (and easyC too!)

This post is part of my journey from easyC to RobotC. I will post things here as I learn them, that might be helpful to others who are also new to this language. This week, I learned how to program a joystick to drive a chassis. Unlike easyC, the standard text-based RobotC does not have […]

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