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Idler Gears and Inserts

High-strength gears come with 2 kinds of inserts: metal ones with a square hole in the center, and plastic ones with a round hole. Read on to learn where and why you want to use those green inserts.

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Compound Gears

As promised, here’s my follow-up to the Gears & Torque Crash Course post, explaining how you get speed or strength greater than 7x (the difference between the smallest & largest VEX gears).

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VEX Motors

In response to a Facebook request, I’ve made a deeper dive into how motors work. Here is an explanation of voltage, current, torque, and speed in layman’s terms.

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Gears & Torque: Crash Course

The quick rundown, in layman’s terms, of gears and what-the-heck torque is. With pictures, even.

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Motor Gears

Don’t be afraid to open up your motors to check out the gears when things don’t sound right. Here’s a primer on what you’ll find when you open up a VEX motor and how to figure out if there’s something wrong.

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