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Motor Ports 1 & 10 – Way Different!

Today I want to relay some more useful information from the awesome jpearman on the VEX Forum regarding motor ports 1 & 10 that will affect the way you’ll want to allocate ports in your robot design. I seem to be writing encyclopedic posts lately, so here’s today’s table of contents: Inside the cortex: 2 CPUs […]

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Why I’ll never use IMEs again
(Was: IMEs, Part 2)

This post was originally going to be a more advanced discussion of uses for IMEs, but in my research for this post, all of the random problems we had with our robot this year got connected together into one big AHA (or something) moment, and thus the new title of this post.

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Motor Ports: Spread Out the Load

Spread out your motors across motor ports 1 through 10 for best performance.

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