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Power Expander: 2 Batteries Are Better than One! (Updated)

Did you know you’re allowed to use 2 batteries on your VEX competition robot? Learn more to improve your robot’s performance!

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The 9V Backup Battery

New coaches: don’t be caught flat-footed at your first tournament. Understand what the required 9V backup battery is all about, *well in advance* of your competition (in time for you to find/buy one).

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Items to Splurge On, If You Have the Funds

I thought I’d tell everyone about a few larger-ticket items that our team has purchased, that we are very happy to have spent the money on. If you miraculously find your team with excess funds, you might want to splurge on one of these. SunLabz Battery Charger for Joystick AAAs Can’t say enough how much […]

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VEX Batteries: Performance & Measurement

Here’s my latest epic post, this time on VEX robot batteries, their performance characteristics, and ways to evaluate their health & capability over time. I hope coaches & mentors out there find it to be a useful reference/resource.

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