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RobotC Tasks: The Basics

RobotC tasks are a powerful tool that allow you to write code that can run simultaneously (sort of faux-multitasking, since the cortex cannot actually do two things at once). This is pretty high on the list of why we switched to RobotC from easyC; if your robot can handle several movement instructions at once, you can do a lot more, for example, in those 15 seconds of autonomous.

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Autonomous Testing

Testing a robot’s 15-second autonomous program will likely take several hours, even for a simple task. Here are some tips on managing the process for greatest efficiency, as well as managing people’s expectations, and getting the whole team on board for what’s needed.

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The Kill Timer

If you’re new to using sensors in your autonomous code, you’ll want to read this. A kill timer can break your robot out of a while loop if it’s been running past a reasonable length of time, preventing gear-grinding, stalling, and the like.

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Line Tracker: On-the-Field
Calibration Code

Special thanks to Griffin Tabor who provided this code for how to calibrate your line trackers when you put your robot on the field (before the match starts) to account for ambient lighting conditions.

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The LCD Screen

The LCD screen is the topic of our STEM Educational Video online challenge this year, and we think it’s an incredibly useful tool. Here’s all the ways we use it.

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