In the Zone

V1: Coney McConeface

Coney McConeFace, our first In The Zone robot

  • Double reverse 4-bar (DR4B) controlled by potentiometers 
  • H-shaped, encoder-controlled chassis
  • Grippy claw for grabbing cones
  • Fold-out Mobile Goal “Scooter” for mobile goal transport
  • Able to put mobile goals in the 5 and 10 point Zones
  • Able to put several cones on the stationary goal

V2: Maximus

  • 6-motor U-shaped chassis controlled with encoders
  • Fins on the wheels push cones out of the way during auton and driver
  • Surgical tubing and rubber band double rollers for grabbing cones
  • Encoder controlled mobile goal lifer and pusher can score mobile goals in all zones
  • Encoder controlled arm with rubber band lift assistance for scoring cones on mobile goals

Starstruck: Guido

Guido, our Starstruck robot

  • X-Wing holonomic chassis: enables strafing and diagonal movement
  • Forklift: Holds up to 3 stars or one cube
  • Deployable anti-tip device: the “Achilles Heel”
  • Encoder-controlled dumper arm
  • “Star Striker:” Pneumatic scissor lift for quickly knocking stars off the fence 

Nothing but Net: Mushu

Mushu, our Nothing But Net robot

  • Double flywheel
  • Belt intake: hold up to 3 balls at a time
  • Mechanum wheels; later Omni wheels
  • Cross-court shooting ability 
  • Sensor-assisted speed control
  • Joystick speed adjuster