We really would like to get the intake working by by next Tuesday ( February 23), which will leave us a few days for driving practice and calibrating before states. However, in the morning, Coach Leslie and Elizabeth found that the conveyor was too far forward. This was squishing the ball down, as it was being forced outward. This made the outer layer of the ball flake off a lot when it was forced through the spinner. We couldn’t move the conveyor backwards, because this would require moving the motor, which can’t be done. We decided to put a mini intake connected by chain to the main one, which would move back. The mini intake has flaps, which have more give than the tank tread. This worked great, but the motor that turns the main intake also had to turn the churro and the mini intake. This is too much force for 1 motor. We broke it up so that the big intake and the churro is controlled by one motor, the X-tractor™ is controlled by its own motor, and so is the mini intake.  We spent the rest of the time fixing that. We also made great progress on the churro. Before, the flaps weren’t long enough to push the ball. We changed the churro to chain with big flaps. We also had to take off one to the X-tractor™ flaps, and cut part of the side wall of the ramp because they were hitting.  Overall, today was productive.

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