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Willow Glen Plaza NBN 2015

December 19, 2015

Willow Glen Field

Tournament Overview

Number of Teams: 24

Our Final Rank: 15

This tournament was no easy day for us. Our flywheel was not getting balls to the net, so we ended up having to change two of our motors on our flywheel which was not easy, but it did help some. Our IME caps got scrambled in our between-matches switch, which messed up our autonomous. Our temporary fix to this was just to slow the conveyer belt during autonomous mode which made it ok. For the quarterfinals we were captain of the 8th alliance and with the two last-place teams. Since we were against the 1st alliance, we pretty much knew we didn’t stand a chance. Instead of letting it get us down, we decided to just go all-out, since we had nothing to lose. Those two matches actually ended up being our two best scoring and most fun ones of the day! We also ended up winning the Design Award, which was our second award!

RobotEvents Page

3 254D 11551A 5772C 1666 12 64
7 5772 1666 256A 3396 84 104
18 5372B 256B 563 1666 127 192
22 1666 254F 254C 254E 112 165
25 1666 254A 5372A 6374B 127 75
31 563E 5372D 1666 7233B 169 86
41 6374 563F 1666 256B 123 90
Match 1-1 254C 254B 1666 7233A 179 83
Match 1-2 254C 254F 1666 7233B 245 101


December 19, 2015
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Willow Glen Plaza