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Nipomo In the Zone 2017

October 7, 2017

Tournament Overview

Number of Teams: 21

Our Final Rank: 7th

We changed a few things since the last tournament. The big things we did were we redesigned the claw, added two more motors to the chassis, attached an ultrasonic sensor, made the mobile goal scooter shorter for maneuverability, and programmed a “claw hold” button so we wouldn’t drop the cones. All of these changes greatly added to the reliability and effectiveness of our robot at this competition. We won the judges award, which made a good day better! In the next two weeks we plan to make our mobile goal scooter retractable, add a second ultrasonic sensor to the back, and get more drive practice. 

RobotEvents Page

Match Winner Red Team (1) Red Team (2) Red Score Blue Team (1) Blue Team (2) Blue Score  
Qualifier #4 blue 563G 424B 48 1666R 254D 74 W
Qualifier #9 red 523X 1666R 73 5026A 21246Z 40 W
Qualifier #11 blue 920C 7983B 41 1666R 254E 48 W
Qualifier #19 blue 920B 1666R 30 6627C 424D 57 L
Qualifier #25 blue 6627A 920A 55 254D 1666R 84 W
Qualifier #28 blue 424D 1666R 47 21246C 86868R 100 L
QF #2-1 red 21246C 6627B 70 1666R 424B 31 L
QF #2-2 red 21246C 6627B 68 1666R 424B 14 L


October 7, 2017
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