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Dougherty Valley High School In the Zone 2017

October 28, 2017

Tournament Overview

Number of Teams: 56

Our Final Rank: Tournament organizer did not post results

During the day there were many problems, both from us and the tournament organizers. We had a lot of chassis problems, which ended in us replacing all six of our chassis motors. The tournament software had many issues through the day, which led to many match re-runs, fields issues, and delays. Our autonomous had trouble through the day, and only worked once during our matches, but frustratingly, it worked every single time that it was tested on the practice and skills field.

Things we will fix before our next competition:

  • Label all the wires so they are easier to trace
  • Make “kill timers” for autonomous so we don’t stall the lift when it puts the cone on the stationary goal
  • Change the potentiometer values so that when they are between 1-1000 so they are more manageable to program with

Despite all of the challenges we faced during the day, our work on our notebook paid off and we received the design award!

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Match Winner Red Team (1) Red Team (2) Red Score Blue Team (1) Blue Team (2) Blue Score  
Qualifier #2 red 21246Z 1000A 36 55115P 1666R 12 L
Qualifier #25 red 315Y 1666R 69 21246C 5327C 54 W
Qualifier #34 red 4804B 824A 25 1666R 5776E 21 L
Qualifier #50 red 1666R 86868R 103 21246U 824B 5 W
Qualifier #60 red 1666R 315Z 45 4804D 4008A 21 W
Qualifier #82 tie 21246J 21246T 0 4804A 1666R 0 T


October 28, 2017
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Dougherty Valley High School