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Dougherty Valley High School NBN 2015

October 17, 2015

Skills Field

Tournament Overview

Total Number of Teams: 56

Our Final Rank: 16th

  • We finished 16th overall.
    • We lost the first match 85-123. This was the most competitive match in the tournament at that stage, and unfortunately put us below all the other teams that won their first match.
  • The robot was very solid. No parts fell off during the competition – nothing major broke.
  • There was some blocking – both during driver control and autonomous – we were at risk because we shoot at a flatter angle, rather than having an arc.
  • The field is much more chaotic than when our drivers were practicing in the lab because there were 4 robots and the balls bounced around – this made driving to a ball, picking it up, lining up to the net, and shooting (drive, point, shoot) harder.


  • We need a better way to help with scouting. Using our form to capture data worked, but we had no way of analyzing the data to help us find good partners
  • Funniest moment – Navya shot a ball and it hit a judge in the face!

RobotEvents Page

Match Red Team (1) Red Team (2) Red Pts Blue Team (1) Blue Team (2) Blue Pts  
9 7579C 6089 140 1666 5776X 83 L
24 1666 4649D 58 4649B 824A 9 W
32 4649C 5776Z 7 1666 4768B 68 W
47 1666 4185C 134 254E 1000A 21 W
62 8000B 5776 170 1666 5772B 105 L
84 3396 5279A 96 1666 5327C 196 W


October 17, 2015
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Dougherty Valley High School