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Bellarmine In the Zone 2017

November 18, 2017

Tournament Overview

Number of Teams: 60

Our Final Rank: 50

Overall, this tournament was a great day for our robot! Everything from the autonomous to the mechanics worked just how we wanted them to! Although our robot worked well, we had a lot of back luck with alliance partners. Only one out of the seven robots we were paired with scored even a single point during our matchs with them. This made it very difficult for us to win any matches, because it was essentially two against one in all of our matches. Even though we finished 50th, our career low, we our very happy our robot worked as we wanted it to. We ended the day on a high note when we received the judges award!

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Match Winner Red Team (1) Red Team (2) Red Score Blue Team (1) Blue Team (2) Blue Score  
Qualifier #14 blue 1868Z 6374A 31 1666R 824E 44 W
Qualifier #25 blue 1666R 254H 28 5297E 21246Y 42 L
Qualifier #45 red 86868R 5327C 119 1666R 5327A 68 L
Qualifier #52 blue 1666R 824D 38 563T 315X 102 L
Qualifier #66 blue 1666R 88909A 66 824C 254B 82 L
Qualifier #84 blue 1666R 8000D 41 8000B 824A 71 L


November 18, 2017
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Bellarmine College Prep