VEX EDR Online Curriculum 

A great overall guide to VEX, the design process, and engineering principles. Start here!

VEX Parts Poster

Wall Poster – VEX Parts

Thanks to one of the mentors of the Space Cookies VEX Team (1868) for creating this wall poster that you can get printed at your local copy store to hang in your lab; it’s got every VEX part from the catalog shown. Get people thinking in new ways!

VEX Wall Poster (PDF; very large – 57MB; print 42″ x 48″ size)
VEX Parts Poster reformatted for legal size paper (PDF, 20 pages – 15MB)


LCD ScreenHere is the code for our LCD screen program selector that we mention in our STEM Educational Video. We have both C code and Easy C for you to download. We hope you find it as useful as we do. We would like to thank Ephemeral_Being from the VEX forum for originally writing this sample code.


  • George Gillard makes instructional PDFs teaching you how to code in RobotC. Here are some of our favorites:
    • Volume 1 & 2 : George Gillard instructional PDF on an introduction to how to code in RobotC.
    • Introduction to PID : George Gillard instructional PDF on how to code PID in RobotC.
  • Line following: Instructional PDF by Micheal David Lawson on how to program line following in RobotC
  • Smart Motor Library: Jpearman smart motor library and manual for RobotC
  • RobotC Video Trainer: Free beginner programing lessons in RobotC


Forms and Checklists:

Here are our team’s checklists that may be useful to other teams. They help us stay organized before, during, and after competitions.

  • Packing List: This list helps make sure that you don’t forget to pack anything important when going to a competition OR when coming home!
  • Checklist For The Pit Area: This checklist helps make sure that your robot is ready for action when it’s time to move from the pit to the match field.
  • Field Checklist: This checklist is for the drive team coach to use when placing the robot on the field, and includes things like checking that the joysticks are correctly plugged in, and the robot is on. Prevent simple errors with this simple checklist!
  • VEXnet lights: Print out this chart and attach it to your Magic Bag so you’ll always know what that blinking yellow light means!
  • Scouting Form: Use this form to help you find and choose alliance partners.
  • Scoring Sheet: This form helps you keep track of how many points your team scored during each match. Our team has found that we don’t have perfect memories when thinking back about the many matches played at a competition, and this form helps us with our 20/20 hindsight!