In the Zone Events

February 2018
11 February 2018
Bellarmine College Prep,

Bay Area Last Chance Skills Challenge 2018

Final Skills Score: 96 In the name of this event, we took this last chance to try and bump up our skills score. And bump up we did! We brought our skills score from 42 to 96! For driver skills, we got our practice goal of 72 points on our first attempt. All of our […]

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November 2017
18 November 2017
Bellarmine College Prep,

Bellarmine In the Zone 2017

Tournament Overview Number of Teams: 60 Our Final Rank: 50 Overall, this tournament was a great day for our robot! Everything from the autonomous to the mechanics worked just how we wanted them to! Although our robot worked well, we had a lot of back luck with alliance partners. Only one out of the seven robots […]

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October 2017
28 October 2017
Dougherty Valley High School,

Dougherty Valley High School In the Zone 2017

Tournament Overview Number of Teams: 56 Our Final Rank: Tournament organizer did not post results During the day there were many problems, both from us and the tournament organizers. We had a lot of chassis problems, which ended in us replacing all six of our chassis motors. The tournament software had many issues through the day, […]

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07 October 2017

Nipomo In the Zone 2017

Tournament Overview Number of Teams: 21 Our Final Rank: 7th We changed a few things since the last tournament. The big things we did were we redesigned the claw, added two more motors to the chassis, attached an ultrasonic sensor, made the mobile goal scooter shorter for maneuverability, and programmed a “claw hold” button so we […]

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September 2017
16 September 2017

Ceres Tournament #1 In the Zone 2017

Tournament Overview Number of Teams: 27 Our Final Rank: 20th  This tournament gave us a first look to what the season will look like. It was advantageous to see the innovative designs of the other teams present. We didn’t do awesome, and we had many problems with our chassis. The wheel motors continuously stalled throughout the […]

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Starstruck Events

April 2017
19 April 2017
Louisville Kentucky Expo Center,

VEX World Championships Starstruck 2017

Karthik at Worlds

We qualified for Worlds by winning the STEM Educational Video Challenge. This was probably the most exciting part of our season!  We were in the Technology division and it was a lot of fun! We did have some chassis problems though, as over the season our chassis had deformed a bit, and since we had a X-wing holonomic chassis, even small misalignments can cause problems with driving straight. This caused our chassis to move not in straight lines, which made autonomous unreliable and driving a challenge. After a hotel room build night things were back in order! We met a lot of awesome people and teams and just had an all around fabulous time watching the round robin, walking around, and playing our matches. We hope we can come back next year!

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February 2017
25 February 2017
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds,

Northern California State Championships Starstruck 2017

States Field

We got invited to fill a spot at State Championships because of our spot on the skills ranking list. This invitation was quite a surprise as we only got the registration link and qualification notice a week before the tournament and our robot was NOT ready to roll. After a frantic prep, we competed at States and it went well! The robot and our autonomous worked as we wanted and it was a great tournament. We were chosen for the 8th seeded alliance but lost in the quarterfinals. We sadly did not win any awards so we did not qualify for worlds. Even so, it was still a good day, as everything worked as we intended.

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January 2017
28 January 2017
Merrill F West High School,

Tracy Triangle Tournament Starstruck 2017

Tracy Field

Despite horrible electrical issues caused by IMEs that caused our robot to turn off, move randomly, stall, and act unpredictably, we still did the best so far this season, despite an EXTREMELY stressful day of franticly trying to get our robot in working condition in every minute between matches in the tiny space we had in the pits. We ended in 11th place and got chosen for the 5th alliance but lost in the quarterfinals. We also won the judges award which brightened an otherwise pretty frustrating day.

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22 January 2017
Mountain View Google Campus,

Google High School Tournament #1 Starstruck 2017

Google Match Field

This tournament went quite well for us. We had weird intermittent electrical and stalling issues which wasn't great but we still did pretty well. If only we had known these intermittent problems were to become nightmares at our next tournament, Tracy Triangle! We were chosen for the 8th seed alliance but got pretty crushed by alliance #1 in the quarterfinals (in the typical 8th seed style). We did end up taking home the Judges Award  though, which was good!

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October 2016
29 October 2016
Dougherty Valley High School,

Dougherty Valley High School Starstruck 2016

DVHS Skills

This tournament went relatively well but was not our best. We had some unexpected issues. One was tipping over, which hadn't occurred in the lab, but happened frequently on the field. There were also major tournament delays that made the day even more crazy. Despite this, we still got chosen for the 6th alliance but lost in the quarterfinals. We then went on to win the Judges Award.

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26 October 2016
Bellarmine College Prep,

Bellarmine Scrimmage Starstruck Fall 2016

Scrimmage Field

This was a casual scrimmage with the Cheesy Poofs team 254 at their school, Bellarmine College Prep. It was great to meet some more VEX teams and to get some matchplay practice in before our next tournament. It was a good learning experience as these first matches helped us develop our tournament strategy before our first real competition. Not to mention it was a lot of fun!

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August 2016
06 August 2016

Santa Clara County Fair Skills Tournament Starstruck 2016

Robot Tests

This tournament was an early-season hybrid competition—the first day was skills-only and the next day was an elimination tournament with teams seeded by their skills rank. We came with our prototype robot to this tournament to test the waters of this new game, and it ended up being a good decision. 

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Nothing But Net Events

April 2016
09 April 2016
La Reina High School, Thousand Oaks,

SoCal All Girls Robotics Showcase NBN 2016

A non-qualifying girls-only tournament in SoCal! There were all-girls teams from around our state and even around the world like teams from Latin America and Europe. Even though we didn't do our best this tournament, but we still came home with a Judges Award and had a ton of fun!

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March 2016
05 March 2016
San Luis Obispo,

California Central Coast NBN 2016

Central Coast Field

A good day for us! We led the 7th seed alliance with the 12th and the 21st teams, but lost to the 2nd seed after 2 matches. We finished in 10th place in match play and had no big mechanical problems. WE WON THE EXCELLENCE AWARD! We are now qualified for states!

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December 2015
19 December 2015
Willow Glen Plaza,

Willow Glen Plaza NBN 2015

Willow Glen Field

This tournament was no easy day for us. Our flywheel was not getting balls to the net, so we ended up having to change two of our motors on our flywheel. Our IME caps got scrambled in our between-matches switch, which messed up our autonomous. For the quarterfinals we were captain of the 8th alliance. We also ended up winning the design award, which was our second award!

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12 December 2015
Northgate High School,

Northgate NBN 2015

Northgate Field

We won the Judges Award, OUR FIRST AWARD!! We finished in 11th out of the 26 teams, we got picked by the 5th alliance, the Fighting Grizzlies (Team 1516A). We did have the problem of being inconsistent on driver loads, and our power adjustments weren’t working very well, so there was no way of fixing it, because the tournament did not have a practice field.

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November 2015
21 November 2015
Bellarmine College Prep,

Bellarmine Bay Area NBN 2015

Bellarmine Field

We won 4 of our 6 matches and we ended the competition in 16th place. We got picked by the Infinities (Team 6089), who finished in 6th place for eliminations. We played 1 match, but our alliance lost in the quarter finals. On the field we could only pick up 2 to 3 balls at a time – we needed a faster way of picking up balls. Our new omni wheels helped maneuverability a lot – picking up balls was a lot faster and more efficient.

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October 2015
17 October 2015
Dougherty Valley High School,

Dougherty Valley High School NBN 2015

Skills Field

We finished 16th overall. We lost the first match 85-123, which was our most competitive match in the qualifiers, and that unfortunately put us below all the other teams that won their first match. The robot was very solid. No parts fell off during the competition – nothing major broke.

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10 October 2015
Bellarmine College Prep,

Bellarmine Scrimmage NBN Fall 2015

Bellarmine Field

This was are first ever scrimmage! We had a lot of fun and learned a lot! We learned that our original autonomous strategy of feeding driver loads would get us DQ'ed, which would obviously be bad. We also learned that our conveyer belt under the stress of matchplay would fall off. So the Bellarmine Cheesy Poofs kindly lent us some chain to improve our conveyer belt. Over all it was a very good experience. 

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