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PID and Reducing Drag (December 19th – December 24th)

We attempted to improve the speed drop when the ball goes through the flywheel by gearing down the motors. We hoped that the increased torque would create a smaller drop and planned to increase the power to compensate. To gears the motors more for torque, we replaced the high speed gears in the motors with […]

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Autonomous Challenge (December 5th)

Today we worked on the autonomous skills challenge. We decided to have one speed for the first half of squishy balls and another speed in the last 30 seconds for the hard balls. The conveyor belt turns off in between the two to signal to our coach. We also code for the limit switch to […]

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Driving Practice and Strategy (December 1st)

Today we mostly did driving practice. We also added a button to the joystick that makes the robot go straight backwards, because the arcade joystick was not accurate enough to go directly back without drifting. We began to develop a new strategy. If a ball missed the net, instead of adjusting the speed, we instead […]

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DVHS Code (October 17th)

Our code for DHVS (Dougherty Valley High School VEX Tournament) underwent last-minute changes. Originally we had planned on using an adjustment algorithm, but it was inconsistent: some days it would work really well and others it would keep on increasing the power and all the balls would overshoot. We had to revert back to old […]

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Bellarmine Scrimage (October 10th)

We had our first competition, even if it was an unofficial one. It was really fun and we learned a lot. One of the main things we learned was that our autonomous strategy would get us disqualified. Because we couldn’t use the driver loads during autonomous, we had to make a new program for our […]

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