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A Dumper May Be the Best Way to Go…

As we have been going through the brainstorm process, we have realized that you might not need a launcher to get stars and cubes to the far zone. Like many teams, we started out going in the direction of a launcher because of it’s ability to get the objects in the far zone. However, after […]

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Preparing for States (February 1- 19)

We have begin to improve our robot so we can do well at state championships. We have mainly been trying to improove our intake. We have modified our current intake by: Replacing flaps with tank treads Replacing extender piece with a hinged extender piece We called our new intake the X-tender™!             […]

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Intake Progress (January 17th)

Today we realized that we needed to go back to slappy flaps (our new name for our intake and mini intake), because our other extended intake kept derailing. We change it back.  On the plus side, we found a new, and much more effective way, to funnel the ball in the from the side without […]

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Intake and Flywheel Problems ( January 12-16 )

We started out by trying to find what was making a grinding noise on the 8 side of our spinner. We realized that the shafts were bent, so we spent a while fixing it. We also replaced all the bottom motors and their internal gears.  It was still making a weird noise (though it was […]

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PID and Reducing Drag (December 19th – December 24th)

We attempted to improve the speed drop when the ball goes through the flywheel by gearing down the motors. We hoped that the increased torque would create a smaller drop and planned to increase the power to compensate. To gears the motors more for torque, we replaced the high speed gears in the motors with […]

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Calibration (December 18th)

Today we are getting ready for tomorrow’s competition. We started by replacing all the flaps on our intake. We then replaced the broken limit switch and we found our intake was lifting the limit switch and bending it. We replaced it with the old less-broken one. We also tried shooting balls with different driver load […]

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Keeping Balls from Getting Stuck (November 29th)

We have tried many ways to pick up the balls without them getting stuck in strange parts of our robot, and today was no exception.  Several times balls got stuck under the motors for our conveyor belt, wedged over the batteries.  This is not good for the batteries, the balls, or the robot, so it […]

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Flywheel Experiments (November 28th)

Today we tried two different things to make the flywheel more accurate: zip ties and spacing between the wheels. At the competition, we had seen teams using large zip ties on their flywheels. One team said the reason they were using zip ties was because the plastic portion of the wheel (green) flexed outwards when […]

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Bellarmine Debrief (November 24th)

Today we had a debrief about the Bellarmine Competition. We were excited because nothing fell off our robot or broke during the competition. We also continued to to prepare for our next competition. We are planning to attach a a light sensor we can feed balls in and have a spike of power when the balls […]

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Trying to Pick up Balls (November 13th)

We spent most of the day trying to pick up balls. We have a ramp coming down to have the ball be picked up onto, and we adjusted it about 10 times. In the beginning, our ramp was too far out and was pushing the balls away before the conveyor could touch it.  As a […]

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