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Northgate (December 12th)

We went to the Northgate competition in Walnut Creek. There were only 26 teams competing. We played 8 matches and won 4. We finished in 11th place and were picked for the 5th seed alliance. We got into the semi finals! We were really excited because we won the Judges Award – our first award […]

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Bellarmine Debrief (November 24th)

Today we had a debrief about the Bellarmine Competition. We were excited because nothing fell off our robot or broke during the competition. We also continued to to prepare for our next competition. We are planning to attach a a light sensor we can feed balls in and have a spike of power when the balls […]

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Bellarmine Competition (November 21st)

We had our Bellarmine competition today, and WE MADE IT TO THE QUARTER FINALS!!! We came in 16th, and won four of our matches, which is better than the three we won at Dougherty Valley. Our driver loads are a lot less accurate than at Dougherty Valley and, because of the decrease in flywheel speed, […]

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Dougherty Valley (October 17th)

We went to our first official competition of the season! Our robot placed 16th out of 56 teams. Facts: We finished 16th overall We lost the first match 85-123. This was the most competitive match in the first round, and put us below all the other teams that won their first match. We were the […]

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Bellarmine Scrimage (October 10th)

We had our first competition, even if it was an unofficial one. It was really fun and we learned a lot. One of the main things we learned was that our autonomous strategy would get us disqualified. Because we couldn’t use the driver loads during autonomous, we had to make a new program for our […]

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