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Tournament Playoff Changes for Worlds & Next Year

On April 5, 2018 the Game Design Committee announced major changes to how the playoffs will be structured at VEX Worlds—that will carry over into next year’s game.

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(Non-VEX) Resources for VEX Parts

Most things in VEX robotics need to be purchased from VEX directly or through one of their resellers; many products used in VEX are custom/only-to-be-found at VEX On High. However, there *are* some items—identical to VEX parts—that can be purchased elsewhere, and are thus legal to use on a competition robot. Here’s a listing of those cheaper sources, organized by type of part, with links.

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Autonomous Testing

Testing a robot’s 15-second autonomous program will likely take several hours, even for a simple task. Here are some tips on managing the process for greatest efficiency, as well as managing people’s expectations, and getting the whole team on board for what’s needed.

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In the Zone Rule Updates

New coaches may not realize that the game manual downloaded in April has been changed (twice). Here’s a summary of both the June 15 & August 17 In The Zone game manual updates. Make sure your students understand the most recent rule changes to avoid any unwelcome surprises!

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A Day in the Life of a Tournament

Attention new mentors – this one’s for you! Here you will find an agenda-organized description of all the things that happen at a tournament, and what you as a mentor need to be aware of.

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Ode to the Ikea Bag

This robot coach’s tribute to the trusty 99¢ IKEA bag, so helpful for team travel.

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The Adult’s Tournament Survival Guide

As competition season approaches, I thought I’d pass along some tidbits to new mentors about how to make your first tournament as stress-free as possible for yourself and your students. Be sure to look down at the bottom of this post for info on volunteering, and supplies you may not know to bring. (A big […]

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Items to Splurge On, If You Have the Funds

I thought I’d tell everyone about a few larger-ticket items that our team has purchased, that we are very happy to have spent the money on. If you miraculously find your team with excess funds, you might want to splurge on one of these. SunLabz Battery Charger for Joystick AAAs Can’t say enough how much […]

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The Path to Prototyping

In our first season (Nothing But Net), our team zeroed in on a double-flywheel design and ran with it; we didn’t know enough (or own enough parts, honestly) to brainstorm and prototype different designs. In our second season (Starstruck), we figured out some missing steps and did a more thorough analysis of the game rules […]

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You can brainstorm this summer, even if you don’t meet

Things you and your team can do to progress and stay engaged this summer, even if you are not meeting in person.

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