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What are shaft couplers for?

Every time you buy a VEX 393 motor, it comes with a little plastic packet of doo-dads whose function is not immediately apparent. These items are called shaft couplers and are TOTALLY OPTIONAL for you to use.

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Building Best Practices

Superior build quality results in a superior performing robot. It’s not just that good building practices result in a better *looking* robot, they result in a longer-lasting, more durable robot. And that translates directly into how your team does in match play. Here are some tips that will move your team toward a better robot.

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(1/8″ Braided Nylon Rope)

Robots are allowed to use an unlimited amount of 1/8″ braided nylon rope. My team has made great use of this material in our last 2 robots, saving weight and opening up our design possibilities.

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The Nuts & Bolts of Nuts & Bolts

Nylock or keps nuts: Which is better? Here’s a guest post by Renegade Robotics dad David Beaver on the science of nuts & bolts, and what it means for building a durable competition robot.

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Zip-Tie Those Motors

Here’s a tip from the experienced teams: remove all the screws from your robot’s motors, and instead hold it all together with a large zip tie. This method allows super-fast swapping out of motors and gears, and allows quick access to cool down your motors in between matches.

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Idler Gears and Inserts

High-strength gears come with 2 kinds of inserts: metal ones with a square hole in the center, and plastic ones with a round hole. Read on to learn where and why you want to use those green inserts.

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VEX Sensors: Getting Started with the Gyro

The VEX yaw rate gyro sensor has exceedingly little official documentation or instructions. I have tried to collect all of the general information I can find from the VEX Forum along with my personal experience and put it here in one place. [This post does not include specific programming instruction.]

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VEX Sensors: Bumper & Limit Switches

Bumper & limit switches are reliable and widely used digital sensors. Here’s how they work and how you can use them on your robot.

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Labeling Motors & Wires – Time Well Spent

Here are some easy-to-implement tips from our team on labeling VEX motors and wires to save your team some time.

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Why I’ll never use IMEs again
(Was: IMEs, Part 2)

This post was originally going to be a more advanced discussion of uses for IMEs, but in my research for this post, all of the random problems we had with our robot this year got connected together into one big AHA (or something) moment, and thus the new title of this post.

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