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All About VEX Judged Awards (Updated 2018)

(Edit: This post was originally published on May 18, 2017; it has been updated on July 13, 2017 to reflect the recently announced changes in judged awards.) All VEX competitions include trophies for the tournament winners and (if applicable) skills champion. They also include a number of “judged awards” that are based on criteria other […]

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Engineering Notebook & Design Award (Updated 2018)

(Edit: this post was originally published on May 1, 2017; it has been updated on July 19, 2018 to reflect the current VRC Awards criteria.) It’s the new season, and teams that are getting a jump-start on things may be about to start on their engineering notebooks. Or maybe you’re a new team and you’re […]

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Turning Point Game Links & Resources

Here are some links and tips to get you started in this year’s Turning Point VEX game.

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Zip-Tie Those Motors

Here’s a tip from the experienced teams: remove all the screws from your robot’s motors, and instead hold it all together with a large zip tie. This method allows super-fast swapping out of motors and gears, and allows quick access to cool down your motors in between matches.

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VRC Hub App

The VRC Hub app is a great way to simulate match play in your lab, but the app itself is a little hard to find when searching. Tournament sound effects make it clear to everyone when time is up!

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Autonomous Testing

Testing a robot’s 15-second autonomous program will likely take several hours, even for a simple task. Here are some tips on managing the process for greatest efficiency, as well as managing people’s expectations, and getting the whole team on board for what’s needed.

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The Kill Timer

If you’re new to using sensors in your autonomous code, you’ll want to read this. A kill timer can break your robot out of a while loop if it’s been running past a reasonable length of time, preventing gear-grinding, stalling, and the like.

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The 9V Backup Battery

New coaches: don’t be caught flat-footed at your first tournament. Understand what the required 9V backup battery is all about, *well in advance* of your competition (in time for you to find/buy one).

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VEX Sensors: Introduction

VEX has a large number of sensors, and the wide array can be mystifying for novice teams. This series will explain each sensor in turn, and hopefully help coaches with purchasing decisions.

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In the Zone Rule Updates

New coaches may not realize that the game manual downloaded in April has been changed (twice). Here’s a summary of both the June 15 & August 17 In The Zone game manual updates. Make sure your students understand the most recent rule changes to avoid any unwelcome surprises!

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