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Filtering Sensor Data

My team recently encountered an unfortunate aspect of sensor data: “noise”. In order to make use of sensors for precision movements, such as driving straight, one needs a way to identify and filter out the junk. Here’s a step-by-step description of our median filtering process.

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PID Resources (Updated)

There is much information on the VEX Forum and various websites concerning PID, and most of them do a better job of explaining how it works and how to implement it than I could hope to achieve. Here’s a post with links to the resources I found useful.

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Turning Point Game Links & Resources

Here are some links and tips to get you started in this year’s Turning Point VEX game.

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Our Favorite LCD Menu Code

There is much code available online for how to program an auton selector LCD menu. This post reviews our favorite code. It’s simple to understand and customize, provides 100% unambiguous feedback, and allows you to change your mind or fix an accidental button-push.

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Building Best Practices

Superior build quality results in a superior performing robot. It’s not just that good building practices result in a better *looking* robot, they result in a longer-lasting, more durable robot. And that translates directly into how your team does in match play. Here are some tips that will move your team toward a better robot.

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Tournament Playoff Changes for Worlds & Next Year

On April 5, 2018 the Game Design Committee announced major changes to how the playoffs will be structured at VEX Worlds—that will carry over into next year’s game.

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(1/8″ Braided Nylon Rope)

Robots are allowed to use an unlimited amount of 1/8″ braided nylon rope. My team has made great use of this material in our last 2 robots, saving weight and opening up our design possibilities.

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The Nuts & Bolts of Nuts & Bolts

Nylock or keps nuts: Which is better? Here’s a guest post by Renegade Robotics dad David Beaver on the science of nuts & bolts, and what it means for building a durable competition robot.

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Initialize (easyC) &
Pre-Autonomous (RobotC)

The Pre-autonomous / Initialize part of your competition template can be used for handy stuff, including sensor calibration and autonomous code selection.

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VEX Sensors: Accelerometer

The VEX accelerometer component’s usefulness in competition seems to be limited to a tilt sensor or an unexpected-stop sensor. Using it for position calculation involves double-integration, which introduces noise.

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