Welcome to the Renegades! We are a mixed age group, with current members between 8th and 12th grades, and we compete at the high school level of VEX. Our home base is set in Menlo Park, California, and from there we travel around the bay and even the country to compete. Meet the members of our team below!

Anna Beaver

I’m Anna, a senior at Woodside High School.  I’m 17, and this is my fifth season on a VEX robotics team. I am the lead mechanic, lead electronic, and secondary driver on our team.  I love how robotics is creative yet objective at the same time; you can solve the problem however you want, and it is very obvious when it works!  I have been doing Girl Scouts for 12 years, and am currently working on my Gold Award.  My favorite classes are physics and engineering. 

Serena Peters

My name is Serena Peters, I am currently 15 and am attending Menlo Atherton High School as a sophomore. This is my fourth year on Renegade Robotics.  In my free time I enjoy  static Trapeze, which is a type of circus art. I also love listening to all types of music. My favorite subject in school is Latin because of all the fascinating connections that can be made to modern English.  I love robotics because of all the new skills I learn every single meeting.

Elizabeth Peters 

I am currently 17 years old and a senior at Pinewood High School. This is my 6th year participating in VEX robotics and my third year on the Renegades. I enjoy robotics because it is fun to be able collaborate as a team of great friends to design, build, and program a robot that does some really cool stuff. In my free time I enjoy drawing things from font designs to cartoons, playing video games, and practicing circus arts and German Longsword. In collage I want to study either computer science and physics or art and character design.

Sheryl Chen

Hello, my name is Sheryl Chen, and I’m a 8th grader currently attending Hillview Middle School. I’m 13 years old, and this is my second season on this VEX robotics team. Other then robotics, I enjoy playing the violin, debating, and being in Girl Scouts. I first wanted to join the team because I have found myself lately making small programs and using my miniature VEX robot at home, and I wanted to find a team where I could continue doing just that. Although I haven’t been on the team for long, I’m already enjoying myself, and I can tell that  robotics is going to be a blast!

Avani Anne

My name is Avani Anne. I am currently attending Menlo-Atherton High School as a junior. I enjoy robotics because I get to learn so many new ideas and concepts.  This year I hope to learn a little more on how to program. This is my third year on Renegade Robotics and in VEX. In my free time I enjoy singing, listening to music, hanging out with my friends and family, and reading. Besides robotics, I take voice lessons and Girl Scouts as my extracurriculars. 

K Gupta

I’m K. I’m a sophomore at Woodside High School. I am 15 years old, and this is my second year on Renegade Robotics. My favourite thing about robotics is the hands on, in-the-moment problem solving. I am the new main driver, and I do mechanics. I want to be either a lawyer or an engineer when I grow up, and my favourite classes are alg II/trig and engineering.


Coaches and Mentors

Leslie Peters

I’m coach Leslie, and I am so proud to lead these girls. They are incredibly hard-working, thoughtful, and have an amazing way of working together and supporting each other. I love learning new things myself, and then sharing them with the team and seeing the girls grow in their knowledge and understanding of physics, mechanics, and programming. This is my 4th season as coach of the Renegades; at Worlds last year, I was humbled and honored to be named VEX Mentor of the Year and to now be a member of the STEM Hall of Fame. In my day job, I do editing, graphic design, and create websites. I was an actuary for 10 years before having children, and continue my love of math through volunteering each week as a middle school math teacher; my favorite moments are when kids say, “Oh, that was so easy!” I also have a 2nd degree black belt in aikido.

AlexAlex Beaver

Hi! I am Alex. I am a sophomore at Woodside High School and the programming coach for Renegade Robotics. I love programming, and have published multiple apps. I am fluent in RobotC, Java, PHP, and Swift. I decided to mentor the Renegades because I want to share my love of programming with other people. It is amazing being able to teach and learn from others, and I could not be happier teaching such an enthusiastic team. I also am a student on the FRC team at my school.


MattMatt Peters

He helps us by giving input during the process of constructing our robot, and does our table-saw metal-cutting.

Renee Courington

She keeps us from getting distracted and makes sure we get our work done.