As we have been going through the brainstorm process, we have realized that you might not need a launcher to get stars and cubes to the far zone. Like many teams, we started out going in the direction of a launcher because of it’s ability to get the objects in the far zone. However, after going through many not so good designs such as a choo-choo, a cut gear launcher, and a launcher with rubber bands, we realized that a launcher may not be the best way to go. Our doubts were confirmed after seeing this design from Singapore:

8059D Reveal Singapore VEX 2016 Starstruck by FloyTasia

Notice how at 1:10 one robot dumps a cube over and gets it in the far zone! This has got us thinking. Since there is not that much space in between the far zone and the near zone, you could make a dumper that gets things in the far zone. This would be the best option because dumpers allow you to get more than one star over at once, plus you could get cubes over. This has lead us to another thought. If the opposing team dumps over lots of stars in the last few seconds, you may be helpless because you have a launcher that can only get 1 star over at a time. It really doesn’t make a difference if you can get to the far zone or not, just if you can get objects over and fast. This just goes to show that this game isn’t about strength, but about efficiency.